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Our firm was founded in 1963 by three attorneys, and in the following year, it expanded to have six attorneys. Since our foundation, we have been operating as a partnership law firm (i.e. a law firm financially managed by multiple attorneys under their partnership), which although was an unusual management model at the time. In order to steadily and continuously develop the firm, those initial attorneys pledged and agreed to share any hardship they would face in managing the firm.

Steady Development

For a law firm, gaining trust of clients is the most important above all. We believe that building a close relationship with every client through the process of solving their issues is a steady yet basic approach to the development of our firm.
In order to build such a close relationship, we must first attentively listen to our clients and thoroughly understand their issues, and in the end, we must be able to provide them with clear directions in order for them to receive the maximum benefits. And maintenance and continuous development of our attorneys’ professional skills and qualities are prerequisites for us to perform our services as described above.
The major asset of our firm is unquestionably our personnel, therefore we value new recruits as well as their training processes. As for recruitment, we never rush to increase the number of attorneys, and we focus our attention mainly on whether the candidates may share the same principles with us and whether we may expect their growth through trainings.
The newly recruited attorneys are matched with the senior attorneys who give them guidance through their direct involvements in various cases to improve their skills in strategy making, drafting, negotiations and litigation proceedings. Also, they are exposed to abundant interactions with our clients to nurture their legal knowledge, legal professional capability, know-how and expertise. Through such trainings, they achieve both professional and personal development.
By strictly adhering to our principles described above, we have achieved successful development of our firm while steadily earned and deepened trust of our clients since our foundation.

Expansion of Legal Services in Response to the Development of Social Economy

After Japan’s high-growth period, the social economy has become highly complicated and diversified. The result was the increased needs in new areas of legal services, along with the variation in contents and qualities of such legal services provided by attorneys.
While appropriately responding to such ongoing changes in social economy, our firm has continuously strived to promptly provide high-quality legal services to our clients. While performing our conventional legal services such as dispute resolution and litigation, we have focused our attention on importance of dispute prevention, and therefore started being involved in corporate affairs (e.g. assisting shareholders meetings), business transaction (e.g. drafting various contracts), etc. as a part of our legal services since the early stage of our firm.
It is only recently that “corporate compliance” has become recognized for its importance, but our firm’s advisory services in establishment of corporate compliance systems and preparation of compliance manuals have been already available since the early stage. Also, many of our attorneys have represented the management side in shareholder lawsuits. Such experiences have enabled them to accurately judge any corporate managerial decisions from their legal perspectives, and provide beneficial advice to many corporate clients through written legal opinions or in other appropriate methods. We have also dealt with many bankruptcy cases, including the case where our prompt start of a new service in civil rehabilitation proceedings in Osaka (immediately after the enactment of the Civil Rehabilitation Act) resulted in successful corporate rehabilitations. We have also been providing specialized legal services in M&A and finance areas since the early stage in response to the increased demands due to changes in social economy.
As described above, we have been continuously striving to promptly recognize the needs of our clients, put it into our legal practices to meet such needs, and successfully provide a wide range of high-quality legal services in a timely manner.

Incorporation of Our Firm and Launch of Tokyo Office

Based on our belief that our firm must be permanently dependable and established not only for our clients but also for our attorneys and other staff who work in this firm so as to offer better legal services to our clients at any time, we have always attempted to make our firm a more solid organization. In the course of such attempt, in December 2002, we incorporated our firm under the current official name “Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation” (as modified to “Midosuji LPC” in 2020).
In January 2003, we opened the Tokyo Office in the capital and central city of politics, economy and information of Japan, in order to continuously develop our firm and fully satisfy our clients’ needs. Since its opening, the Tokyo Office has been not a mere satellite office, but a substantive office which clearly recognizes its roles and the latest legal needs by quickly capturing and processing a variety of information, and promptly provides truly client-oriented legal services that meet the expectation of our clients in Tokyo.


Launch of Hiroshima Office

In November 2017, we opened the Hiroshima Office in order to promptly and precisely offer a broad range of legal services to our clients mainly in Chugoku and Shikoku areas of Japan, using our know-how developed through years of experience at the Osaka Office and the Tokyo Office, and focusing on corporate legal affairs with highly professional specializations. Since its opening, the Hiroshima Office has been working in unity with the Osaka Office and the Tokyo Office, by having frequent communications by way of TV conferences or face-to-face interactions and by collaborating in many cases. Such unity enables us to offer the best legal services to our clients.


Launch of Nagoya Office

In March 2024, we opened the Nagoya Office to enhance our organizational structure enabling us to globally offer high-quality legal services to our clients both in and outside Japan.
We now have four offices in Osaka, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagoya, all of which are strongly interconnected, adapt to any changes in social economy, meet the latest demands of the times, offer a broad range of high-quality legal services in a client-oriented manner including those with highly professional specializations, and strive to build even closer relationships with our clients based on their trust in Midosuji LPC as their “best partner”.