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We provide a full range of corporate legal advice based on the Companies Act, such as those regarding company establishment, amendments to the articles of incorporations, issuance of new shares or corporate bonds, changes of organizational structure, and company dissolution or liquidation.
Given the essentiality and importance of appropriate contracts to business operations and corporate activities, we carefully draft and review commercial contracts of any kind: typical business contracts, such as sales and purchase, lease, delegations, services, and outsourcing agreements; the Company Act-related contracts, such as investment, shareholders’, share purchase, and company split agreement; or labor- and intellectual property-related contracts, etc. In negotiations on business deals, taking into consideration of all legal aspects involved, we aim not only to obtain the best possible results for clients, but also to prevent any dispute in the future. We proactively and committedly negotiate with the counterparty to reach an appropriate and reasonable deal for clients.
Based on a wealth of experience in litigation (and non-contentious corporate cases) over shareholder derivative actions and company control, we can also take solid and prompt measures to resolve dispute in such cases.
In this regard, company directors are obliged to perform their duties with due care as a prudent manager. Accordingly, they must carefully make day-to-day business decisions not to conflict with laws and regulations as well as the company’s articles of incorporation and must conduct due examination and gather information on the facts on which they rely in making the decisions. We provide clients efficient advice on such business decisions and, when requested, legal opinions on the same.