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We provide a set of legal advice, assist in establishing financing structure and draft contracts and relevant documents on such areas as syndicate loans, project financing, securitization of monetary claims (e.g. accounts receivable), real estate and other assets, capital market transactions including private equity financing (e.g. issuance of shares and share options), private finance initiatives (PFI), and financing operations in the process of cooperate acquisition and reorganization schemes, all of which require a high degree of specialized expertise. We also offer legal services on these works from a wide perspective, considering all possible consequences when any disputes or insolvency proceedings would occur, with our skills and ample experience in legal dispute resolutions, including litigation and bankruptcy proceedings.
For financial institution clients, we provide legal analyses and advice on credit transactions, conduct research or advisory services and render written opinions regarding legal and compliance matters in connection with financial regulatory laws in Japan, including the Banking Act, the Insurance Business Act, the Trust Business Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Money Lending Business Act. By utilizing our accumulated know-how as well as swift and efficient mobility, we ensure prompt services that help clients achieve favorable results in their credit management, asset preservation and debt collection.