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Labor and employment are one of the fields where the laws and regulations are frequently amended as well as the fields where it is often difficult to adequately judge on the issues while such issues usually have significant impact on business. Keeping up with the current times, we provide our clients with legal advice and solutions based on the latest developments in this area of labor and employment law. Our legal assistance varies from developing in-house labor/ employment policies and systems (e.g. drafting and reviewing company rules of employment, changes to working conditions, personnel transfer/ reassignment, or personnel cutbacks and dismissals), advice on succession to labor contracts upon M&A and workforce adjustment associated with corporate restructuring or business reorganization. We also handle the matters concerning dispute resolution involving labor relations, including litigation, provisional disposition, responses to a labor tribunal or the proceedings of the Labor Relations Commissions, or any other labor issues. Furthermore, we offer legal guidance and consultation on workers’ compensation, corporate pension and social insurance matters.