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Led by the attorneys who have studied abroad and worked at overseas law firms, we provide legal advice, negotiation and drafting contracts relating to international commercial trades, cross-border M&A and other overseas business transactions such as real estate development project. We also deal with international disputes (e.g. litigation or arbitration including responses to US discovery procedures) and investigations conducted by overseas regulatory authorities and class actions in connection with international cartel cases. We further put a great effort to ensure legal compliance concerning our clients’ overseas business by assisting them in responding to local anti-corruption laws (e.g. US FCPA) or personal data protection regulations (e.g. EU GDPR), or by assisting their overseas subsidiaries in developing and implementing their systems in compliance with local regulations. Moreover, we provide legal support for our clients’ overseas business expansion in South-East Asia and other emerging countries, including assistance in establishment of branch offices and subsidiaries as overseas bases. To address such international matters, when required, we will work with local counsels which we have cooperative relationship with. Our global network expands to Europe and the United States as well as to China, Taiwan, South Korea, South-East Asian nations and Australia. Pursuing alliance with local law firms in those countries, we provide our clients with prompt and flexible legal support for their overseas business. As for the matters in China, in particular, we take advantage of our close and expansive legal network with Chinese local law firms so that we will deliver the best services with swift and quality support to our clients. Our legal service is available in both English and Chinese.