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We offer a full range of legal services in the scenes of creation and development of start-up companies which are expected to contribute to the growth of Japanese industries in the future. Our legal support covers, among other things, by our attorneys with extensive knowledge and work experience, including those who have experience of secondment to, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Japan Patent Office and the Regional Taxation Bureaus, conducting research on the regulations and requirements in relation to the new business areas, responding to the relevant administrative authorities on behalf of clients, handling legal issues faced in daily business operations and providing legal assistance in relation to the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (typically for fund-raising or financing strategies, capital policy and stock options), or giving legal advice on application for registration, maintenance and licensing of intellectual property rights including drafting and negotiating IP-related contracts. We also work on transaction processes for initial public offerings (IPO), business transfer and M&A deals.
The industries covered by our practice area include sharing economy, FinTech (financial technology), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other ICT (Information and Communication Technology) as well as a wide range of life science and life science-related health care businesses. We have accumulated ample knowledge of these areas and offer our solid and quality legal services reinforced by these expertise.