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Firm Profile

As the Best Partner of Our Clients

We strive to build the best long-lasting relationship with our clients based on their deep trust and our unyielding pursuit to be a “truly client-oriented” law firm.

To Be a “Truly Client-Oriented” Law Firm

Each and every staff member in MIDOSUJI LPC shares the same philosophy; we aspire to be “client-first” in the truest sense of the word.
Since our establishment in April 1963 in Osaka as a pioneer of partnership law firms, we have ceaselessly sought to realize this philosophy.
In order to provide our clients with the highest quality of legal services as promptly as possible, we have made various efforts to develop our capability as a structurally-integrated firm, such as: (i) implementation of a general system in which each case is handled by two or more attorneys; (ii) establishment of an intensive and flexible working system in which each case is handled in the most appropriate manner; (iii) internal sharing and effective utilization of the knowledge, experience, know-how and information that have been accumulated by our attorneys through their years of practice in various areas of law; (iv) formation of corporative alliances with professionals in related fields; (v) development and expansion of both international and domestic activities in consideration of globalization; and (vi) research and practice on new and/or specialized fields of law.
In our belief that one of our fundamental responsibilities to our clients is to ensure continuous development and enhancement of the overall capability of our firm, we have never rushed to expand our business, but instead, we have put our heart into developing highly competent human resource as our most valuable corporate asset, while gradually yet steadily increasing our staff size and enhancing our structural foundation. When the amended Attorney Act of Japan permitted the incorporation of legal firms, we promptly transformed our firm into a legal profession corporation in January 2003 to further enhance our structure, and soon after that, we opened another office in Tokyo, in November 2017, we opened another office in Hiroshima, and in March 2024, we opened yet another office in Nagoya.
We are confident that, by sharing the same philosophy, tradition and culture, all staff members of our firm are closely united with a strong sense of solidarity, allowing us to demonstrate our collective strength to the fullest in each case. It is our earnest hope that, by sharing joys and sorrows, we can build a good relationship with our clients based on their deep trust that goes beyond any conventional barrier between clients and attorneys.
We forge ahead as a truly client-oriented law firm, where every staff member keeps making efforts and devoting him/herself to practice, has a creed as a legal professional, is sensible as a member of society, maintains a close relationship with our clients, handles each case with a professional spirit, and lives up to trust of our clients or exceeds their expectation.

Our Philosophy

In April 2010, our philosophy based on the following three types of perspective was codified. We always reassure ourselves of such philosophy as the foundation for our daily practice.

01.In Relation between Society and Our Firm

By promptly and precisely responding to and meeting demands for legal services, which continuously vary due to increasingly diversified and sophisticated society, we contribute toward the further realization of the rule of law and development of society.

02.In Relation between Our Clients and Our Firm

We steadfastly pursue being a “truly client-oriented” law firm, and all our attorneys push forward in unison to achieve such goal.

03.In Relation between Our Members and Our Firm

Based on mutual trust and understanding amongst each and every member of our firm, by integrating and harmonizing all of our capabilities, both tangible and intangible, under the spirit of enterprise, tolerance and patience, we seek the endless progress and fulfillment of our firm and our members.