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In recent years, the awareness of the individuals’ rights to their personal privacy has significantly heightened in Japan and abroad, and in response, laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information tend to become stricter. On the other hand, based on the advance in computing technology and the expansion of digital networks, the use in business activities of personal information and its derivative data as well as big data including them is rapidly spreading, and it becomes more and more important for companies to comply with laws on the protection of personal information in developing their business activities with utilizing these data as much as possible. In addition, since opportunities to transfer personal information across borders are being increased due to globalization of corporate activities, it is necessary to pay attention not only to compliance with regulations under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan, but also to the extraterritorial application of laws related to the protection of personal information in foreign countries when companies handle personal information. Furthermore, with regard to the security of data containing personal information, as concerns about the risk of leakage caused by cyberattack grow, regulations in the field of cyber security are being tightened in each country, and in this regard, it is expected that each company will be required to take further action. In light of such circumstances, by forming a practice team to accumulate advanced expertise and gather knowledge and expanding our network with overseas law firms in various countries and jurisdictions, we are engaged in the said field to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs of our clients, such as the improvement of their privacy policies or company rules, compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or other foreign laws or regulations relating to their overseas bases or business partners, or consideration of the legal compliance of their new businesses, depending on how each client uses the data.