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Some companies, over a long period of their corporate history, could be exposed to a risk of being held liable for crimes committed by them, their employees or officers. We offer legal support to our clients facing such risks, at all stages in the criminal proceedings ― from prompt and appropriate legal assistance during the investigation stage to thorough and careful defense activities during the trial stage. We have secured dismissals, acquittals or reduced sentences in some high-profile criminal case trials such as JR West Fukuchiyama Line Derailment Accident Case (prosecuted by a public prosecutor), and handled a number of corporate criminal cases involving the violation of tax law, antitrust law, industry law, labor law and environmental law.
Besides defense activities in criminal cases, we provide our clients with legal advice for the preventive measures against corporate crimes and misconducts and precise legal services for ex-post crisis management in response to investigation, accusation, litigation and publication. Further, we provide advice and recommendations for prevention of occurrence and recurrence of crisis situations through, for instance, our participation in an independent compliance committee established following the occurrence of criminal case(s).