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Attorneys are very evaluated their qualification when handling litigation, the ultimate dispute resolution procedure. Prior to setting foot in the courtroom, we discuss the case in detail with clients, and map out a strategy based on proper legal construction derived from in-depth discussions among our attorney members involved. We also tenaciously and vigorously represent our clients’ interests in trial by making the best use of our expertise and know-how that have been accumulated through our engagements in a number of significant litigations involving a wide range of legal areas since our firm’s foundation. Where appropriate, we actively seek to obtain the best possible solution to our clients’ disputes through court settlement.
In securing future rights and achieving prompt resolutions of disputes, provisional remedies such as provisional attachment and provisional disposition are often crucial. We make every effort to enhance our agility and flexibility so as to obtain and execute provisional remedies as quickly as possible when needed. We further strive to ensure not only obtention of favorable legal judgments for clients, but also full enforcement thereof.
In negotiations on dispute resolutions, based on our belief that to avoid legal proceedings such as litigation and achieve early dispute resolution can give rise to an advantage for clients, we are actively and persistently involved in negotiation so as to resolve the disputes appropriately and promptly.