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We handle a large number of and a diverse range of M&A, corporate reorganization, and business tie-up projects, utilizing combinations of transactional measures for statutory merger, company split, business transfer, stock-for-stock exchange, stock transfer, joint venture, company establishment, etc. For these projects, we provide a wide range of services, including strategy planning, due diligence, contract negotiation, document preparation (including various contracts) and legal advice on the required procedures under Japan’s Companies Act. We also handle overseas M&A projects and provide related services as we do for domestic cases.
We ensure the best practice in each case, organizing a best team with appropriate size and members of attorneys depending on its urgency, complexity and scale. We assign the attorneys, as necessary, who are well-versed in various business laws, the practice areas of which include anti-trust, financial instruments and exchange, tax, labor and employment, intellectual property, environmental issues, etc.