Masanori Hirata

Osaka Office
Osaka Bar Association

Practice Areas

  • Corporate business law, Civil and commercial affairs (especially litigation/ dispute cases)
  • Litigation for Corporation
  • Corporate law including compliance matter
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Financial law
  • Real estate


Born in Osaka
Mar. 1990
Koyo Gakuin High School
Mar. 1995
Kyoto University Faculty of Law (LL.B.)
Apr. 1997
The Supreme Court's Legal Research and Training Institute (49th term)
Apr. 1997
Midosuji Law Office
Jan. 2003
Partner of Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation (- present)
Jun. 2007
Outside statutory auditor of Access Co., Ltd. (- 2014)
Jun. 2014
Outside statutory auditor of NCS&A Co., Ltd. (- 2016)


  • Filing for an injunction of import and sale pursuant to unfair competition prevention law
  • Shareholders' derivative action (Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd.) (Management Side)
  • Litigation claiming damages for public land trust (representing the trustee bank)
  • Criminal Defense, JR Fukuchiyama Line Derailment Accident Case prosecuted by a public prosecutor. The acquittal has become final and binding at the first trial.
  • Litigation cases claiming damages based on the Product Liability Act


  • Legal Practice for Disciplinary Actions -Q&A and Case Study (Shin Nippon Hoki, Publishing Co., Ltd. in September 2014) , Joint Author


  • “Joint Research and Development Agreement ~ Basic knowledge and points to note” (Patent Professional Corporation, MAEDA & PARTNERS, in January 2005)
  • “Seminar on the Amended Unfair Competition Prevention Act ~ For Protection of Trade Secrets and Urgent Measures to be Taken ~”
    (Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation in September 2015)
  • “2015 Revised Employee Invention System Seminar” (Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation in January 2016)
  • “2015 Revised Employee Invention System Seminar ~ For Review of Employee Invention Regulations based on the draft guidelines ~” (Patent Professional Corporation, MAEDA & PARTNERS, in March 2016)
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